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Network Connectivity Solutions

  • When you need to deploy handheld or mobile computer, tablets, PDAs for EMR
  • When you need add computer drops for your building, or office …
  • When you need to link 2 or more offices together, be they near or far…
  • When you want to work from home or a remote location…..
  • When you need to connect to another provider….
  • Even When you not quite sure…….

With over 35 years of industry experience, our trained professionals can deliver the solutions you need. Whether the need is in the middle of the day or the middle of the night Xodus can respond. For Example:

  • Install and support your wireless and mobile computing and medical devices (WLAN)
  • Install and support computer access to office, exam rooms, and buildings ( LAN)
  • Link computer systems across offices, near or far, state wide, US wide, worldwide. (WAN)
  • Install and support remote access from home, road, or other medical facility.
  • Install and support data access between providers
  • Assist in identification and resolution of HIPPA compliance issues.
  • Implementation and documentation of network security solutions.
  • Provide service contracts to support and monitor your critical operations

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