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MedNET™ Data Center


Xodus MedNet™ DataCenter

As the environment in which healthcare providers work is becoming increasingly complex, they require heterogeneous data center solutions that can be linked across substantial distances

Institutions can use high-performance data center capabilities to implement higher-quality bandwidth at lower cost, protect patient data and clinical applications from unauthorized access, maximize network performance and service availability, reduce operating costs, and uncover new ways to use the Internet to advance patient care.

Solutions from Xodus offer the healthcare industry compelling cost and performance advantages.

The MedNet DataCenter provide numerous benefits, including lower costs and increased, predictable service levels – without the issues of deploying the latest technology platforms on your own. Leverage our expertise in:

  • Network Management
  • Data Security
  • Non-disruptive Maintenance
  • Availability and Performance Management
  • Capacity Planning
  • Automated Operations
  • Systems Programming
  • Storage, Backup, and Disaster Recovery

Our end-to-end data solutions enable healthcare provides, small and large, to streamline operations and increase access to information – allowing you to focus on your core business of providing superior patient care.

Providing 24/7/365 hosting and support of complex IT infrastructures our data centers are fully HIPAA compliant to enable healthcare related firms to focus on the delivering their services and offerings without having to worry about the underlying IT infrastructure that supports them.

Available in flexible footprints, space is configured according to customer specifications, and both high-speed Internet and private lines can be installed for contingency operations.



Recovery Center
An information infrastructure outage … not tolerable.

In an industry that deals with human life and whose very purpose is to protect it, the immediate availability of medical records and information is critical. An information infrastructure outage or failure that jeopardizes the quality of care a patient receives is not tolerable.

As healthcare providers grow more and more dependent on reliable infrastructure the need for an alternative from the status quo has emerged. Beyond planning against catastrophic events, businesses must now hedge against increasingly more common every-day "disasters" like power failure, loss of communications connectivity, and financial problems of key vendors.

During an outage, data can be lost or corrupted. Physicians and nurses can lose access to critical information, and worse still, patient life could be put at stake. The loss of patient records can impact both patient service and billing, two areas of vital importance to the operation of a healthcare organization.

To address these challenges, healthcare providers are looking at business continuity and disaster recovery plans to make sure information is always available

The Xodus MedNet DataCenter solution provides real-time, mirroring of applications, services, and data between your local site and our secure datacenter. The MedNet DataCenter provides complete "Hot Site" contingency environments for customers who need a Disaster Recovery solution. This option can include all necessary hardware, software, and managed services to setup and maintain an alternate Recovery Center location.

Patient care doesn’t stop when something goes wrong with a computer system.  You need access to critical data - STAT. 


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