What’s the big deal?

People have learned for years and years, the traditional way, with books and chalkboards and lectures. Shoot, most of us got along pretty well without interactive whiteboards, Facebook, wireless internet, Gameboys and laptops.

Don’t kid yourself.

Without access to modern technology and the ability to communicate globally our students start out a step, no a leap, behind those students who have the technological tools they need. Know someone who communicates across the oceans regularly? They probably do it through the Internet; through technology.

Our Goals:

Raise $200,000 to Equip every Pre K thru 8th grade classroom with a state of the art interactive whiteboard system to include:

An Interactive Whiteboard

  • Modern Projector
  • Networked Computer
  • Document Camera
  • Wireless Response System
  • Audio System

Let’s give our students the technology they need to compete in our global economy!

Support Dancing with the Clinton Stars! Vote Now!

Our event will feature local couples raising thousands of dollars for Clinton City Schools technology, all by tapping their toes, shaking their hips and swirling across the dance floor to the delight of 644 guests. All proceeds will be used to provide the teachers and students of Clinton City Schools with interactive boards and other technologies that enhance teaching and learning in the 21st century.

Each “Star Dancer” is paired with a professional dancer and competes to earn dollar-value votes. Proxy votes are encouraged so you don’t even have to see the performance in order to vote for their favorite dancer. Every vote is $10.00 and it goes toward making your choice the Dancing With the Clinton Stars Winner.

The dancers are competing for trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place based on monies raised. There is also an “Overall Best Performance” trophy for the audiences’ favorite dancer that has no dollar value added to the vote.

Mrs. Dianne Johnson and Ms. Quisan Parker are co-chairing the DANCING WITH THE CLINTON STARS event. They have put together a dynamite team of community volunteers that are working to produce an unforgettable evening in Clinton on January 10, 2009. Clintons very own Susan Bristow, is the show director… So it is guaranteed to be fabulous!  Her accolades are many.  She directed Clinton’s “All America City 2007″ competition in Anaheim, CA and we brought home the trophy!   DANCING WITH THE CLINTON STARS will be an amazing evening of community fellowship and lots of fun.

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