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A Healthcare Focus

Xodus Information Service is a leader in providing Electronic Patient Health Information ( ePH I) infrastructure to our healthcare customers.

We understand that our healthcare customers have unique requirements.

Our professionals have vast knowledge and experience in collaborating with healthcare customers in addressing business requirements, technology complexities and the need for cost-effective solutions. Xodus professionals not only speak your language, they understand the elements that are driving healthcare business priorities. We’re committed to helping develop and deliver successful solutions that address healthcare industry concerns.

Xodus has a dedicated healthcare sales team that specifically works to effectively respond to our customers with cost-effective solutions.

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Xodus Information Services Inc.
109 Vance Street
Clinton, NC 28329
(910) 249-4162

Healthcare IT Solutions

Xodus’s solutions address the unique roles that ePHI have in healthcare today.

The quality of patient care is continually enhanced through the effective use of emerging technology, such as physician order entry at the bedside, electronic medical records and the life-cycle management of these records, PACS solutions, and departmental and billing systems. Each of these tools improves patient care through the integration and use of information by those attending to each patient.

For some of our healthcare customers, these systems are new implementations—requiring tremendous hours of their staff time to ensure successful deployment.

For others, these systems have been in place for years, and are subject to the enhancements and change management efforts to benefit from industry best practices.

Xodus’s ePHI services bring you the right combination of talent and expertise.

Professional Expertise

Whether you are looking to

  • Obtain support for your desktop operations

  • Extend or support your local or wide area network

  • Obtain secure email solutions

  • Provide traditional disaster recovery for your in-house billing system

  • Evaluate and assess your ability to address your identified HIPAA compliance issues

  • Provide fail-over processing for your Medical Billing, Diagnostic Imaging, or EMR applications or

  • Provide managed hosting of your high availability applications


Xodus has the customized solutions to meet your needs.


Disaster Recovery Services

Xodus’s Disaster Recovery Services include End-User, Network and Systems Recovery Services, allowing you to:

  • Rapidly and reliably recover systems and data

  • Utilize the Xodus MedNet Network, our privately-managed network for testing and recovery

  • Create a customized solution with the right strategy and tactics for your organization


Managed IT Services

Xodus’s Managed IT Services include hosting, network, availability, security and monitoring and management services, enabling you to:

  • Leverage investments in ironclad hosting centers for the ultimate in security, reliability and value

  • Deliver up to 99.99% uptime for mission-critical applications

  • Maintain control of your systems or share responsibilities with Xodus professionals


Professional Services

Xodus’s Professional Services include risk assessments, information security program development, infrastructure engineering, technical support and disaster recovery planning, empowering you to:

  • Develop or improve your Information Availability program

  • Analyze your needs for availability and continuity, including tolerance for risk

  • Access technical support for your production and/or your recovery environment



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